Language school Centre International d'Antibes

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  • Minimum age : 17
  • Number of classes : 14
  • Number of students per class : 10
  • Levels : elementary to high advanced

Founded in 1985, the Center International language school is one of the largest schools in France to teach French as a foreign language. The school is composed of two building referred to as "the Castle" and "the Port".  The castle is the more beautiful of the two, surrounded by a magnificent garden, it is  only a short walk away from the center of Antibes. The port is located about thirty minutes away by foot, in the charming old town of Antibes, a pedestrian area. Be sure that the school and staff will offer their best to ensure that your language course turns into a pleasant experience allowing you to learn French in a perfect environment.

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In this area, French cuisine, good wine, and an ideal climate have defined the lifestyle. Discover the Côte d’Azur, and the surrounding hinterland, and be amazed by its rich colors and sweet scent of lavender. Take a stroll along the coast to see the famous "red rock cliffs" then head down into the old town and appreciate the rich history of Antibes that dates back to 500BCE. Activities centered on the development of French language skills are also offered by both campuses. In the town of Antibes, there are many cafes, shops, and throughout the year many community events are held including sporting, music, and those more focused on its rich tradition.

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