Official Exams and Certification

Certifications and qualifications

With increasing competition on the job market, it has become essential for prospective applicants to be able to verify their competency in a particular language through quantifiable means, such as official examination and certification. For each language, there are generally several different qualifications available depending on the competency and application. To find out more information about specific examinations, select a language category from the left.

Preparation Courses

Many examinations require a special preparation course, most of which are offered by our partner schools. These courses are usually held on specific dates throughout the year and are of a fixed duration. So as to ensure that all students in a class are at a similar skill level, course pre-entry testing may also be requited to assess your level, and ability to integrate into a particular program.

If a student fails to meet the prerequisites for a particular examination preparation course, we offer them the opportunity to study an equivalent general language course until they have the necessary skills to reapply. The time required for such study varies greatly depending on the students rate of learning, as well as their entry level. The appropriate entry level for a student into a general study program can be evaluated using one of the tests provided by out partner schools.

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