AILS Quality Guarantee

Highly Selective

AILS only selects schools that are well established and have a reputation for delivering quality education. To consolidate this reputation, we also require that every school maintain at least one accreditation from an official organization such as the IALC, British Council, FIYTO or other equivalent bodies on a national level. In an effort to maintain our high standard, we not only regulate the quality of the courses provided by our schools, but also the environment in which learning takes place, ensuring that the transition into a different culture is the fun and enriching experience it should be. As well as this, we require that schools be equipped with an adequate level of technology so that students can pursue their learning online, as well as through other digital means.

Well Prepared

So that you can reach your full potential, we create a comprehensive student profile that takes into account your language level (based on examination), your age, your expectations, and most importantly, what you hope to gain out of your travels. This is then used to carefully tailor a program that is right for you, ensuring your in the best position for success from day one.

Constant Growth

We maintain close contact with our partner schools with regular inspection visits and periodic curriculum reports. More importantly however, we communicate with current and former students, gathering valuable opinions and feedback that we then use to maintain and improve the services that we deliver.

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