Practical Information

Travel Documents

All travel documents, including the address of your accommodation, a map with you directions to your school, as well as your flight itinerary, will be provided to you approximately ten days before departure. Some schools also provide information booklets about the town, school, or course you will undertake. In addition to this, AILS will also give to those students undertaking long duration study, a handy travel guide to help enrich your experience. Should you have any last minute questions regarding your journey, we are also available right up until departure to assist you, and afterward too.

Travel Insurance

We recommend to all our students that they take out travel insurance for the duration of their trip. AILS offers insurance coverage with ELVIA for all its programs, providing comprehensive coverage in case of cancellation before or during a journey, as well repatriation. Information regarding coverage is available upon request. In addition to this, we also advise that students contact their health insurance agent to ensure that they will be fully covered for the duration of their trip.

Free examination-failure cancellation Insurance

Given the limited availability of course places, flights and visas, it is often necessary to enroll for a course sometime in advance. However, some courses require that a student successfully complete an examination before their place can be confirmed. In situations such as this, AILS provides free insurance coverage should a student fail to qualify for a course and therefor cannot continue their enrollment. Should you require this service, please speak to your AILS councilor.


For some study destinations, and depending on the program you undertake, you may be required to apply for a visa. AILS will provide you with the nessecary documents, however it is up to you to carry out the correct procedure and ensure all associated costs are met. If you are unsure whether you require a visa for a particular program, feel free to contact your nearest AILS office.


So that you don't have to worry, we can also help you arrange flights along with your selected course. To select this option, simply tick the flights box when placing your booking. We will quickly provide you with a no-obligation flight proposal and then, upon your agreement, book and confirm your seat.

Pocket Money

Given the diversity that exists in the cost of living, it is often difficult to predict how much money you will need during your journey. With our extensive experience in travel, we can let you in on the cost of everything from dinner with a beer, to a bungalow in the bohemian district of town (as well as recreational activities you may have in mind).

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