Why choose AILS?

A great destination lies at the heart of every successful journey, and AILS is here to make sure you find your perfect match. From the vast metropolis of Tokyo, Japan; to the rolling outback of Perth, Australia - and everything in between - there is a world of possibilities as to where your travels can take you. With our many years of experience in language travel and our comprehensive knowledge of institutions around the globe, our aim is to assist students in creating their experience of a lifetime.

Reputable Institutions

All educational institutions we work with are well established and have been fully accredited by their respective national authorities. And on top of this, every one is regularly visited and inspected by our AILS staff to ensure that they meet and are maintaining our high standards of selection.

Reliable Advice

The AILS team has had extensive experience in language travel - having all themselves undertaken language travel - and regularly go abroad to research new destinations and schools so that we can report back to our customers and provide more comprehensive assistance. They are highly knowledgeable about the various institutions available to students and can assist you in making a more informed decision based on what you are hoping to gain from your travels.

Best Price

So that we can guarantee the best price to our customers, we do not charge any commission for our services. All prices quoted on our site are the original list price of that course, just as would be offered by the selected school. As well as this, we guarantee the best rate for every one of our courses. To ensure this is always the case, if you happen to find the same program for a lower price, we won't just match it, we will also reimburse you the difference (see artical 14 of out General Conditions for more information). This gives customers the additional services we offer, at no additional cost.

Foreign Currency

AILS allows customers to pay for their program in a foreign currency of their choice, giving them the opportunity to benefit from a positive exchange rate, and minimize the cost of their travel for them.

Tailored Programs

Upon request, we will be more than happy to assist you in creating a tailor made course that is designed to meet a specific budget that you have in mind. Please speak to an AILS team-member for assistance.

Easy-to-use Website

Our website, www.ails.ch, has a state-of-the-art online quote and booking system. It allows customers unprecedented autonomy, and in just a few clicks it is possible to create your own personalized quote and then enroll online. Our website is regularly updated to ensure our customers are always receiving current courses and the latest special offers.

Group Discounts

For bookings with two or more children from the same family or a minimum of three students, we provide the following discounts:

  • 5 weeks or less: 60CHF or €35 off the invoice total (per student)

  • 5 to 12 weeks: 130CHF or €85 off the invoice total (per student)

  • 13 to 24 weeks: 210CHF or €130 off the invoice total (per student)

  • 24 weeks or more: available upon request

The above discounts apply to group bookings (ie. bookings that are placed together, at the same time) for the same program (ie. destination, school, housing, courses, and dates must all be the same). These discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers.

Free Skill Testing

So that you can better gauge your skill level in a language, and so as to have a benchmark with which to work when selecting your course, we offer the opportunity for students to undertake a free examination that we give them a better idea of their level.

Years of Experience

AILS is a company with over 14 years experience in language travel. We have established a presence in several countries with offices in Switzerland, Belgium and France.

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