Studies abroad in Australia

Australia is a vast country with ultramodern cities, notoriously warm and friendly inhabitants and unique landscapes.  No wonder it has become one of the most popular destination worldwide over the last 15 years. Australia has long been used as a penitentiary colony for the British Empire; then it became a land of opportunity, where everything was possible. In 1851, with the first gold rush, the unfortunate convicts soon understood that an unexpected chance to start fresh was offered to them. The gold rush also coincides with the end of the penitentiary deportations. Today Australia is a dynamic country mixing people from all over the world. Major cities are almost all situated on the seaside offering visitors a pleasant contrast between the commodities of the urban life and the leisure activities of a sea resort. Sydney the biggest city in the country is narrowly followed by Melbourne its eternal rival. As to Canberra, the capital, it was built at the beginning of the 20th century between the two other cities to put an end to their rivalry to become the political capital of the island. The countryside will delight nature lovers; states and territories offer an amazing spectrum of landscape each with its own special characteristics. The north enjoys a tropical climate; it features tropical forests and national parks not to forget the famous Great Barrier Reef.  The weather in the south is more like the one found in Europe and the landscape show many similarities with our countries. The west coast is less touristy and considerably drier than the rest of the island; barren land and desert stretch from there to the country’s interior where the bright red earth offers a stunning contrast with the azure sky. Now it is time for you to come and see for yourself the world from Down Under!

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