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Located on the east coast of Australia, Byron is a quiet little town and a haven for surfers and nature lovers. No big buildings, the town center blends with a surprising contrast ultramodern surf shops in an atmosphere that reminds the sixties. The visitors who leaves town comes into contact with a stunning omnipresent nature; national parks, desert beaches and vast grazing lands offer as many hiking destinations. The lighthouse of Byron is notoriously known to be the most easterly point of the country. The view on the ocean is unrestricted and one may often catch sight of whales and dolphins. Here waves are ideal for surfing and beautiful beaches are constant invitations to farniente. Local bars and pubs regularly host live concerts and they offer great opportunities to practice English while living unforgettable experiences.

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    Séjours linguistiques en Australie. Voyages linguistiques à Byron Bay. Service de conseil très compétent et personnalisé, qui vous permet de trouver le séjour linguistique qui vous convient. Nous proposons un large choix d'écoles renommées et de destinations dans le monde entier. Grâce à notre très longue coopération et nos visites régulières sur place, nous connaissons très bien nos écoles partenaires.

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