Study abroad in Noosa

Located on the east coast of Australia just north of Brisbane, Noosa is a peaceful spot that has remained only known to fishermen for ages. The first surfers that ventured there quickly understood the potential of its coast and adopted it at once… and have remained there ever since.  This does not come as a surprise since this little paradise offers breathtaking panoramas and soft sand beaches; besides, since Noosa has remained away from the classic circuits, you are unlikely to come across the hordes of tourists that haunt the Sunshine Coast.  Lulled by the quaint charm of this town, you will thoroughly enjoy outings and long walks in its surroundings.

Our schools in this city

  • LexisNoosa

    Language Courses combined with a wide choice of activities for children and teenager at Global Village in Noosa, Australia. Fully supervised programmes with accommodation in residences or host families.

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