Studies abroad in Canada

Vast forests, great lakes, plains stretching to the horizon or magnificent mountains… these are only some of the most famous features of Canada. Second largest country in the world, Canada appeals by its wildlife and landscapes but also by the kindness of its inhabitants and by its few large cities all located in the south of the country.  Toronto, the biggest, Montreal, the French speaking, Vancouver and Calgary, smaller but not any less appealing; all are modern and dynamic areas attracting. The various landscapes of Canada evolve dramatically throughout the seasons giving it an ever changing aspect. The east is relatively flat, plains and forests covering that half of the country; the west side being quite mountainous. The Niagara Falls in the south east are among the most famous and most visited sites in Canada, as impressive in summer as they are in winter they offer a breathtaking view to the spectator. Canada is a great option in language learning!

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