Studies abroad in United States

Nowadays the USA have become one of the world’s leading powers and prove to be a very attractive destination for all those who wish to learn English. Founded by ambitious settlers landing from the Mayflower, the United States of America are a young nation epitomizing the promise of a better world where everything is possible. Caught in the turmoil of international affairs the USA may not always gather the favors of popular opinion but the country is so vast and so diverse that it would be a shame not to take an interest in it. This huge country is 226 times the size of Switzerland, imagine its potential, the diversity of landscapes, customs and climates! New York, Los Angeles or Chicago are the symbols of the modernity and the cult of urbanism that characterize the nation; the Grand Canyon, the national parks and the classic settings of the Far West inspired the best westerns. Visiting the USA to learn English also offers and opportunity to discover a rich culture so familiar and yet so different.  Always cheerful and friendly the Americans will surprise you by their warm welcome and will enlighten your stay. Come and live your version of the American Dream.

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