Language courses for Students and Adults

For those 16 years and over, there are a multitude of study possibilities available to students and professionals alike. Whether you're looking to travel as part of a Gap year, expand you career opportunities with a new language, or simply learn for the sake of learning, we can tailor a program to suit your needs.

Largest selection of quality institutions worldwide

From over 200 destinations around the globe, we have selected only the most reputable institutions in the world, all of which are required to meet our strict education standards and have achieved official accreditation and certification from their respective countries. These institutions offer many different language study programs, from those focused on students and young adults, to those for business professionals and seniors. With a multitude of languages, courses cover a range of skill levels; complete beginners wanting to have a conversation, all the way through to advanced speakers looking to achieve their official certification. Many courses can also be focused on long-term learning, with programs lasting up to 12 months, sometimes even more. Often these programs can be tied in with professional experience, such as industry focused training through an internship.

The right program for you

Some schools specialize in youth programs, whilst others focus on programs for professionals and seniors; we have made sure to select only those courses that schools are at, and only from those schools that are excellent. Our wide selection ensures that you find the program that's right for you. Feel free to discuss your options with one of our knowledgeable AILS Study Councilors over the phone, or at one of our branches.

Where to start?

To begin searching for your course, select one of the categories below or from the menu to the right.

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