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Located in Patagonia 1650 km south west of Buenos Aires, the small town of Bariloche is ideal for nature lovers. Nested at the heart of one of the biggest national parks of the continent, the town was built on the shore of lake Nahuel Huapi. Lake Nahuel Huapi is a trident shaped lake collecting its water from a glacier; its three “spikes” stretch to the foothills of Andes Mountain Range.

Bariloche will surprise you by the various places to visit nearby. The mountain, which is not far away, offers beautiful scenic views. Come and admire the rivers, the crystal-clear lakes, the glaciers or the summits and the snowfields that surround them. With 120.000 inhabitants, Bariloche is a small city that greets tourists from Argentine and Brazil, students coming from all around the world for language courses as well as visitors from various origins.

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