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Although it is one of the most vast territories of South America, each parcel of Argentinean land hosts a marvel. Fall under the mysterious charm of the plains of the Pampas, Iguazú Falls or the northern desert. Buenos Aires appeals to everyone and appears as an ideal spot for language courses because of its outgoing and bustling nature. The city’s heart beats in tune with the Tango rhythms; whether in the streets, in the evening, in the clubs, at anytime and anywhere, Tango is omnipresent. Despite its 11 million inhabitants, the capital city is surprisingly clean and secure. Come and discover a city of character with its own traditions and its own colourful way of life. Come and feel the heart of Argentine.

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    "AILS. Language course in Argentine. Language course in Buenos Aires. AILS helps you find the language courses that will meet your needs. AILS offers a wide selection of schools located all around the world. Our years of experience, our privileged relationship with our partner schools and our frequent visits of the language centers allow us to provide you some of the best language courses available."

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