Studies abroad in Bolivia

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Bolivia only achieved independence in 1825. Located between the Andes Mountain Range and the “selva” (jungle), its landscapes are a magical beauty. The population of Bolivia is essentially native and traditional languages such as Aymara and Quechua are recognised as official languages just like Spanish. The country has a wealth of local cultures and traditions deeply anchored in the heart and life of each and every one of its inhabitants. Sucre has a particular colonial charm; its impressive architecture and its numerous churches contribute to it being called the “white city” and whoever ventures in its streets is inevitably enchanted. Sucre has been listed by UNESCO for its heritage and beauty. Often called “ciudad universitaria,” Sucre was the first to build a university in Bolivia. Today, a significant portion of its 17 000 inhabitants are students, offering great opportunities to socialize, practice Spanish and progress with the locals.

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