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Vast forests, great lakes, plains stretching to the horizon or magnificent mountains… these are only some of the most famous features of Canada. Second largest country in the world, Canada appeals by its wildlife and landscapes but also by the kindness of its inhabitants and by its few large cities all located in the south of the country.  Toronto, the biggest, Montreal, the French speaking, Vancouver and Calgary, smaller but not any less appealing; all are modern and dynamic areas attracting thousands of visitors from all around the world. The various landscapes of Canada evolve dramatically throughout the seasons giving it an ever changing aspect. The weather of the province of British Columbia – where Vancouver is- is humid and temperate in the plains & seaside but the climate turns frankly cold during the mountains winter. There, high up in Whistler, snow enthusiasts will find North America biggest ski resort  where one can ski from November to May and then move on to summer ski. As to Ontario – the biggest city of which is Toronto – the province has a warm summers and very cold winters. In the south of the province, the Niagara Falls are among the most famous and most visited sites in Canada, as impressive in summer as they are in winter they offer a breathtaking view to the spectator. Another well-known province is French-speaking Quebec which kept its distinctive culture and traditions through out the centuries and developed its own distinctive culture in Canada. Alberta, at the heart of the Rocky Mountain, is famous for its beautiful and extensive nature; its one big city -Calgary- has a very authentic character and a passionate love for rodeo. All around the city you will find national parks, picturesque mountain lakes as well as an amazing fauna. With its surprising contrasts, Canada will enchant you and will turn your language course into and unforgettable experience.

Our schools in this country

  • Toronto

    Language courses in Toronto for adults and students. Toronto is an ideal destination for those who wish to learn English in Canada.

  • Vancouver

    Learn English in a language school in Vancouver, Canada. English classes for students and adults in famous language schools.

  • Victoria

    Learn English in a language school in Victoria, Canada. English classes for students and adults in famous language schools.

  • Whistler Mountain

    Learn English in Canada. Study in our partner schools and explore Whistler.


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