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Largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba has, despite a complex political situation, some of the friendliest and most welcoming inhabitants. There, the intoxicating rhythms of Latinas dances pace lives. Beyond music, Cuba offers a wonderful mix of savours, scents and colours found in every dish cooked on the island and in every market. Proud of their countries, the Cubans will not hesitate to help you discover their culture, their habits and traditions, starting with their famous mojito and moving on to their equally renowned Cuban nights where music is omnipresent. In Cuba nobody take lessons to dance, music runs in the veins of everybody right from the start, expect to hear and experience it everywhere, anytime. Cuba is also famous for its large beaches, a relaxed way of life and the many spots to visit around the island that have build up the reputation of the island as a key destination in the Caribbean. Local joy of life and phlegm being contagious, fear not being contaminated and rest assured that a couple of days into your language course you too will adopt the pleasant and relaxing pace of life “made in Caribbean”…

séjour linguistique à Cuba aux Caraïbes

Our schools in this country

  • Havana

    AILS. Learn Spanish in Cuba. Study in our partner school and explore La Havana.

  • Santiago de Cuba

    AILS. Learn Spanish in Cuba. Study in our partner school and explore Santiago De Cuba.

  • Trinidad

    AILS. Learn Spanish in Cuba. Study in Enforex school and explore Trinidad


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