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Brighton is a seaside city and a very popular holiday resort for British people as well as international visitors. It is famous for its pier and for the Pavilion, a historic Royal residence. Because the city is home to two universities, the population is young. You'll find lots of shops, live music, art and culture as well as a lively nightlife all the year round. Visitors always enjoy the Lanes, narrow alleys of shops and restaurants, and Brighton's excellent entertainment venues which include three cinemas and four theatres. In the summer, the beach is the place to be, both day and night. Brighton's annual arts festival, in May, is the second-biggest in the UK and brings world-famous acts to the city. Transport links are excellent, with trains to London leaving every 30 minutes. The journey takes 50 minutes on the express service. A bus service links all parts of Brighton, although central areas are all within walking distance. Various discounts are available to students; Student Services will be able to advise you.

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