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Cannes has its reputation on the international stage thanks for the most part to its prestigeous eponymous film festival that sees thousands of the film-elite strut the streets around May. The rest of the year round, Cannes tends to bask in its aura, with a sophisticated mix of modern elitism and Provençal charm. Long before it rose to prominence in the 19th century, Cannes was inhabited by Ligurians, then the Romans, and whilst little remains of their presence, one can still appreciate the rich history of Cannes with a walk through the Provençal market, the old port, and the surrounding traditional neighborhoods. For students of French, the numerous beaches and terrace cafés that pepper the area provide an invaluable study resource as well as providing a great place to spend a free after noon. And for those of your who have read through all this and are still not sure, it is pronounced the same as the "can" in a can of beer.

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