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Lyon may be the third largest city in France - after Paris and Marseille - but it also has a reputation for trying the hardest.

Taking a walk through the picturesque streets, it doesn't take long to appreciate this claim; Lyons cherished architectural, demographic and gastronomic heritage has seen it grow into an eclectic cultural hot spot that welcomes millions of travelers every year. Owing to UNESCO World Heritage status, many of Lyon's unique historical landmarks remain largely intact, despite extensive bombing during World War II. Visitors can appreciate Vieux Lyon whilst walking along the right bank of the river Saône, the tranquility of the famed Parc de la Tete d'Or, as well as the numerous museums that are among the finest in France. Those looking for a more contemporary experience might prefer to check out one of the many concerts or film festivals hosted in Lyon throughout the year, catering to its 200,000+ student population. This demographic also contributes to a vibrant nightlife, punctuated with bars and clubs, that is a linguistic buffet for those looking to actually use their French.

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