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Since its reunification in 1990, Germany has changed a lot. The wounds of history have been healed and the country has now become a key nation in Europe when it comes to culture, economy or politics. It also in 1990, that the city resumed its role as a capital. Berlin now counts among the European city that one has to have visited at least once. Remains of its tumultuous past can still be seen such as portions of the wall that used to divide the city in two but also architectural highlights and monuments mirroring the city's changing fates. Today Berlin is a teeming modern city, highly prized for language courses. Although attractive the capital city may be, there is more to Germany than Berlin; Munich and Frankfurt also play a crucial role in the economy. With the busiest airport in the country Frankfurt is now a major economic hub. As to Munich, it is the main city of Bavaria, a delightful region where magnificent tiny typical town and their legendary Germanic charms are yours to discover. Heidelberg, Regensburg or Würzburg and its many students, are but some of the havens found throughout the country. Come and stroll the pedestrian city centers, enjoy the atmosphere of the Biergarten - typical German taverns – found at every corner of the streets, discover the hidden charms of a nation still wrongfully often considered too rigid and austere. Learn German in Germany, immersing yourself in German language and culture on a course at one of our partner schools.

Our schools in this country

  • Berlin

    Learn German in a language school in Berlin, Germany. German classes for students and adults in famous language schools.

  • Frankfurt

    Séjour linguistique allemand à Francfort pour adultes et étudiants, avec un large choix d'écoles d'allemand renommées. Francfort est une destination idéale pour les étudiants qui désirent apprendre l'allemand en Allemagne dans une école de langue.

  • Munich

    Learn German in a language school in Munich, Germany. German classes for students and adults in famous language schools.

  • Regensburg

    Learn German in a language school in Regensburg, Germany. German classes for students and adults in famous language schools.


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