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Less about what it is, and more about what it is becoming, a culture of creativity places contemporary Berlin in a perpetual state of flux. Perhaps due to its rich history, or its unsurpassed tolerance, openness, and experimentation, life in Berlin has everything to offer with its contagious energy infecting every facet of society. Top museums and galleries stand interspersed among vintage cafes and grunge clubs, ethnic snack bars mingle with gourmet eateries and Michelin-starred restaurants; such duality fuels the fast-paced lifestyle of Berliners, yet also manages to keep them surprisingly down to earth with no extreme dominating its polar sibling. Visitors to the city will find themselves venturing around Potsdamer Platz, the Holocaust Memorial, Prenzlauer Berg, the Reichstag dome, and many other world-renowned attractions. For students of German, Berlin presents fertile ground for a cultural and linguistic experience like no other.

Our schools in this city

  • DIDBerlin

    DID provides an excellent language school to learn German in the heart of Germany, Berlin. Excellent student facilities, a high standard of teaching, as well as a large choice of courses, distinguish DID as one of the finest language institutions in Germany.

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