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What was the birthplace of Goethe in the eighteenth-century, is today the bustling, business-hub and financial center of Germany, seeing more than 50 million passengers land at its airport every year. Skyscrapers adorn the banks of the river Main, along which the city is built, and stand in stark contrast to the cherished Altstadt - old town - where narrow cobbled streets are overshadowed by Frankfurt's spectacular Gothic architecture. The Römerberg area is the prime stomping ground for visitors to the city, but it's never too difficult to stray by foot, bike, or the well integrated rail network. Home to the Goethe Institute, Frankfurt maintains a rich academic heritage whilst simultaneously holding a reputation as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Germany, setting the perfect scene for you to pursue your German studies.

Our schools in this city

  • DIDFrankfurt

    DID is a German language school based in Frankfurt. Well equipped and with an excellent reputation for quality education, DID ensures language learning is an enjoyable and productive experience.

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