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As the capital of Bavaria, Munich is a cosmopolitan city with a vibrant culture that is rich in tradition. Being more than just Bratwurst and Lederhosen, its reputation for world-class museums, theaters, and Baroque architecture provides visitors with a unique opportunity to experience the city and gain insight into the formidable history of Munich. When not in classes, the numerous beer gardens that are synonymous with Munich are a great place to relax, practice your German, and try some of the local beer. With ten universities and more than 10,000 students living in Munich, you will not be alone. Once a year these gardens overflow into the streets and people from all over the world come to raise their glass to Munich during Oktoberfest. Just beyond the city's boundaries to the south are the Bavarian alps, which are easily accessible and make a great day trip for hiking or skiing.

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  • DIDMunich

    German courses in Munich at the language school DID. This school offers a wide range of german courses for adults and students like: Intensive german courses, german for business, diploma and certificate courses, ZMP, internships

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