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Regensburg lies at the heart of Bavaria, about 130km north of Munich and 250km south-west of Prague. It is one of the rare gems of Germany that was spared from bombing during WWII and as a result, the old-city hardly seems to have changed since the Middle Ages with its wealth of beautiful landmarks going back over 2000 years, that has recently received Unesco heritage listing. The heart of modern Regensburg is equally surreal, with its pedestrian only streets lined by Biergarten, terrace cafés in the summer, and a unique Christmas market in the winter. When you're not in class or exploring the city, the banks of the Danube river offer many great spots to relax and soak up the city's charm. Despite all its history, Regensburg remains a viabrant and livable city with over 20,000 students studying, living, and making it a dynamic city that is the ideal backdrop for your German course.

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  • HorizonteRegensburg

    German courses in Regensburg at the language school Horizonte. This school offers a wide range of german courses for adults and students like: Intensive german courses, german for business, diploma and certificate courses, ZMP, internships

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