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Guatemala is a small country of Latin America; birthplace of the Mayan culture its historical heritage is one of the greatest in the world. In many regions of the country, native traditions are very vivid; local crafts, traditional celebrations and colourful costumes are part of the day to day life of the Guatemalans. Guatemala distinguishes itself from other countries by its colours: each village has its own set of colours although crimson is a dominant. Markets and clothes worn by the local people also offer a myriad of shimmering colours. Walk along the stalls and find amazing fabrics, woolens, blankets, jewels and potteries, all at bargain prices. Out of the villages and cities, visitors will find a very dense tropical forest, still wild and almost inaccessible. This area, called El Pelén, is virtualy uninhabited.

Our schools in this country

  • Enforex

    Our language school is located in Antigua, an ideal destination for students and adults who wish to learn Spanish in Guatemala.


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