Studies abroad in Italy

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From traditional foods to flamboyant fashion, fine art to grand architecture, the vibrant culture of Italy provides an exciting backdrop for your Italian studies. And with a rich cafe culture firmly embedded in Italian life, you’ll have no problem and tapping into everyday life over the ritualistic morning espresso. You’ll be helping Nonna prepare her Bolognase sauce in no time.

Rome, Italy’s capital, is a bustling metropolis with a history spanning over three decades and is a must-see during any trip. Rome also stands as the capital of Catholicism, with Vatican City nestled inside its walls and serving as the  permanent residence of the Pope. Cosmopolitan Milan has risen to become internationally renowned in every aspect, from high finance through to fashion, although football fans will probably know it better as home of the legendary AC Milan. For a classical, cultural experience, it’s difficult to surpass Florence; its busy avenues and spidering backstreets lined with the historic remnants of Renaissance Italy.

Wherever you choose to spend your adventure in Italy, your experience will reflect the diversity of its culture.

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