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Perched high on a terrace overlooking the Ionian sea, Taormina has established itself as a coastal retreat on the island of Sicily. Since the 19th century, visitors have been drawn by its temperate climate year round and multitude of pristine beaches, far removed from the fast-paced and often frantic life style of other Sicilian cities.

After classes, take a stroll and enjoy an espresso on the Corso Umberto 1 - which is strictly off limits to cars. Whether sun bathing on the beach or enjoying an espresso in the medieval town center, you’re sure to appreciate the unique atmosphere that has inspired great minds for centuries, including D.H. Lawrence and Truman Capote. During the summer Taormina opens up to share its rich and exciting culture , hosting a renowned arts festival that draws visitors from across the globe. This pristine resort town offers an unrivaled experience for you to undertake your studies and is guaranteed to give you more than just the language!

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