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Mexico is a fascinating and mysterious country with a great history, a rich culture and  a wide variety of landscapes. The country has it all: heavenly beaches, arid deserts, volcanoes, national parks and  pre-Columbian remains and pyramids telling the tales of long gone civilizations. Among all these great wonders stands Mexico city with its 18 million inhabitants. Once called Tenochtitlan, it used to be the greatest city in the Aztec Empire and the largest one in pre-Hispanic America. Rebuilt after the Spanish conquest the city became known as “Mexico”. From its two origins the city drew a specific identity half way between the native culture and the Spanish influence. Whether you particularly like nature, history, crystal clear waters or Mexican cuisine, be sure to find them all there.

The country offers an incredible mix of colours, flavours and textures that will ravish your senses and leave you under the spell of amazing Latin America.

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