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Home of the ancient Inca Empire, Peru is one of the most fascinating countries of the American sub-continent. Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, the country shares borders with Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. Peru is a multicultural country, its population -29 million inhabitants – is formed by a combination of different groups including Native, Metis, Europeans, Africans, Japanese and Chinese that have settle there over the last five centuries. The country is divided in three distinct areas, the narrow Pacific coast, the Andes mountain chain and the Amazonian forest. Peru is also well-known for its archeological ruins, impressive remains of the Nazca, Moche and Inca civilizations; the most famous of all, Machu Picchu is admired by visitors who travelled the world to come and see it. Those civilizations are long gone yet somehow their presence is still very vivid, thanks notably to the native populations who managed to preserve some of their traditions throughout time. Around Titicaca lake are a good example of it for there, native communities have kept most of their ancestral cultures. Natural reservations add to the historical beauties of the country to make it a unique and marvelous destination.

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