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Alicante is a small city by Spanish standards, but is considered a must-see during any trip to Spain, drawing huge numbers of visitors annually. And it’s little wonder why; located on the Coasta Blanca, it basks in the Mediterranean sun almost all year round. Its sandy beaches offer a great place to relax or enjoy the adrenaline-pumping water sports, while the cliff and coves provide nature enthusiasts a chance to experience hiking along the majestic coastline. Alicante is at once a tranquil yet lively city that captivates the imagination with its rich culture. Those with a more cerebral inclination can learn about its history in one of the museums, or with a stroll through the remarkably preserved old castle. Annually, the city celebrates the Las Hogueras festival, which sees giant paper-maché sculptures built, then burned to the ground during a spectacular fireworks display. The nearby town center is a bustling place with numerous shops and parks.  Alicante also has its own university which sees an active student community thrive, making it a great place to hone your language skills over a coffee after class.

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  • EnforexAlicante

    Spanish courses in Spain, Alicante at the language school Enforex. This school offers a wide range of spanish courses for adults and students like: Intensive spanish, courses, spanish for business, diploma and certificate courses, DELE, internship

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