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Fans of western movies... welcome to Oklahoma City ! Without a doubt the world's capital of cow-boys and rodeo contests. Many museum trace back the history this quintessential American culture and the country music it is indissociable from. The place is home of a multitude of festivals all year long. Oklahoma city is the capital of the state of Oklahoma; with no less than 500.000 inhabitants it is the second largest urban center in the state after Tulsa. Right through it passes the legendary route 66 that runs from east to west, from Chicago - Illinois to Santa Monica - California. Surprisingly, Oklahoma City manage to feel small enough to be convivial and large enough to provide all the facilities and the entertainment available in the biggest American cities. Contrary to many major urban centers in the country, the costs of living have remained very reasonable in Oklahoma city.

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  • séjour linguistique pour apprendre l'anglais à Oklahoma City aux Etats-Unis

    ELSOklahoma City

    "AILS. Language course in the USA. Language course in Oklahoma. AILS helps you find the language courses that will meet your needs. AILS offers a wide selection of schools located all around the world. Our years of experience, our privileged relationship with our partner schools and our frequent visits of the language centers allow us to provide you some of the best language courses available."

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