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As the largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba is home to warm and welcoming inhabitants, despite its challenging political situation. Life in Cuba is characterized by the intoxicating rhythms of Latin dances. Beyond the music, Cuba is a vibrant mix of flavors and scents that can be savored through its traditional Cuban recipes and explored at local markets.

Proud of their country, Cubans will gladly introduce you to their culture and customs during your language immersion program. They might start by offering you a taste of the famous mojito or taking you to typical Cuban soirées, where music reigns supreme. In Cuba, dancing is not taught; it flows naturally in the blood of every Cuban from birth.

However, it's not just the music and dancing that make Cuba renowned. The island is also famous for its vast beaches, relaxed way of life, and numerous sightseeing opportunities. The contagious joy and laid-back attitude of the locals will gradually immerse you in the Caribbean lifestyle, and after just a few days of your language immersion program, you'll find yourself embracing the local rhythm and appreciating this unique way of life.

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