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Which organization to choose for a language study trip?

Choosing a language stay organization based on its accreditation

Whether you want to choose a destination for your language stay in Malta, England, or any other foreign country, it is clear that you will be faced with a wide range of choices. This market is shared by numerous organizations that compete with each other to convince you to entrust them with organizing your trip.

To ensure that you choose the right organization from the extensive options available, start by researching its accreditation(s). In this regard, two main entities have been established to ensure the quality of language education provided by language schools, whether they are institutions for professionals, students, or schoolchildren, located abroad or in France. These entities also ensure the quality of the language stays organized by these institutions.

Partnerships with the International Association of Language Centers (IALC)

To ensure the successful completion of your total immersion language stay in Spain, the USA, England, and other countries, you can rely on the 30 years of experience of the IALC. Established in 1983, this English association guarantees the quality of language education provided during these stays by its various partner agencies.

Therefore, choosing one of its partner agencies to send your child on a language stay abroad or to participate in one yourself ensures that you will have a high-quality experience. Additionally, the high-level language courses offered by partner organizations during the chosen stay (such as Spanish in Spain, English in England, etc.) will have a significant positive impact on the improvement of the participant's language skills.

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