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Why go on a language immersion trip to Los Angeles?

Why choose Los Angeles for a language immersion trip?

Historical must-visit attractions


A landmark in the city since 1927, perhaps as iconic as the Hollywood sign on Mount Lee. Among all the star footprints adorning the theater's courtyard, Marilyn Monroe's are the most photographed! This cinema with its surprising Chinese architecture hosts the premieres of major blockbusters, such as Star Wars. By the way, it is also home to the largest IMAX theater in the world.


A must-visit spot in the City of Angels. Originally conceived as a billboard by a developer to attract customers to a new housing development. With its dimensions of 14 meters tall and 107 meters long, the sign was erected in 1923 for a temporary period and has gone through numerous deteriorations and renovations, becoming a symbol of the city. It is now listed in the Register of American Historic Monuments. It is bordered by beautiful walking trails accessible via Vermont Canyon Road.


The Beverly Wilshire Hotel is a luxury establishment whose construction was completed in 1928. This historic Los Angeles hotel is located between Wilshire Boulevard and the legendary Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. It features a unique "E"-shaped design and an architecture style influenced by Renaissance elements. It has appeared in numerous films and has hosted the biggest actors, singers, and politicians from around the world.

What to visit?


Only tourists pay attention in this bustling passageway. We find the most famous sidewalk in the world, and for good reason: it is covered with stars! In fact, over two kilometers, we can see no less than 2,600 stars, each representing a milestone in history. Film artists, musicians, and even athletes (like Muhammad Ali) all dream of having their star as a form of recognition.

Why is this destination appealing to the youth?

It is the city of the American dream where anything is possible. How many stories of celebrities who arrived in Los Angeles with nothing and went on to find fame have inspired our childhood? Through hard work, talent, and a dose of luck, becoming famous and having one's work recognized worldwide is possible in Los Angeles. Castings are common, talent scouts are experienced, and the desire to be a star is embraced by everyone.


What is the English proficiency level required for a language stay? There is no specific English proficiency level required to participate in an AILS language stay in Los Angeles. Whether you are a beginner or already comfortable with the language, you will find the perfect program to suit your needs. The AILS team will assist you in assessing the frequency of your lessons to optimize your progress.


A passport is essential for the USA. Regardless of your destination in the United States, you must have a modern passport, whether it is biometric or electronic. Make sure it is not an older passport as it will not be accepted at the airport. US law also requires the passport to be valid for at least 6 months after your intended departure from the United States. This means that even if you are planning a two-week language stay in Los Angeles, your passport should be valid for an additional 6 months beyond that stay.

Administrative procedures

Anticipation is essential to ensure you have all the necessary documents for your stay. If your passport is not up to date or has a short validity period, you will need to apply for a new passport and wait for it to be processed. If you submit an application close to summer, processing times are extended and can sometimes take up to two months.

The Top Five Reasons to Learn English in Los Angeles!

For its standard of excellence!

Los Angeles is a city of extravagance and excess. The most unique individuals can go unnoticed amidst the constant buzz of this bustling metropolis. Paradoxically, people come here to stand out or "get noticed" in order to break into the film or music industry. All styles are welcome, and this artistic tolerance gives rise to real creations that gain influence and make or break trends, especially in fashion. Isn't it said that Los Angeles is the future fashion capital of the world?

Because of the American Dream.

The City of Angels is the endpoint of the legendary Route 66, symbolizing escapism and the hope of starting anew in a city where anything is possible. It is one of the major entry points in the country for immigrants seeking American citizenship. Los Angeles County, a thriving and affluent region, attracts and sustains a dynamic economy.

For the film industry.

It is the city of cinema. It is where all the major studios have shaped it over the years. There are the biggest stars, but also the greatest filmmakers. One can visit the studios and immerse themselves in the real-life settings of the most popular cult films and series worldwide. The film industry is omnipresent and helps wrap the city in a fairy tale and an unreal aura.

Because of the beaches.

With over 320 days of sunshine per year and a dry Mediterranean climate, Los Angeles boasts beautiful beaches, each with its own unique identity. You can go to El Matador State Beach for its rugged and wild style, or prefer Venice Beach for its entertainment and vibrant atmosphere. You'll find all styles, even when it comes to beaches!

In favor of linguistic and cultural diversity.

There are nearly 4 million residents in Los Angeles, and many of them are immigrants from nearly 140 countries. Besides English, there are more than 80 languages spoken. It's safe to say that Los Angeles is cosmopolitan and conducive to learning English and experiencing diverse cultures!

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