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Language courses and internships abroad

AILS offers you the chance to go abroad to learn English or one of the other 10 languages taught at our partner schools. Whether you're a student, a working adult, looking for a career change, or simply interested in learning a language, AILS will take you around the world for a language journey ranging from a few days to several months.

AILS guarantees that you will benefit from the best prices on the market in Switzerland, always with the same level of quality (See our general terms and conditions of sale, art. 14), and a refund of 100% of the difference if you find a cheaper price elsewhere.

Language Stays in over 100 destinations among the most beautiful cities around the world

Interested in going on a language trip to combine learning a language and discovering a country?

AILS takes you to the 5 continents, from London to New York, and from Beijing to Sydney via Barcelona or Moscow for all-inclusive language trips, courses and accommodation, with peace of mind! Make significant progress thanks to language immersion in a country where your target language is an official language, and combine these benefits with the pleasures of discovering a different culture....

Learning a language abroad

Speaking English has become a universal key to international professional practice. But did you know that mastering German, Chinese, or Spanish adds real value to your resume and can open up many interesting prospects... 

Which language stay should you choose? Our advisors will help you find the best language school for your language project.

Language courses tailored to your projects

Each objective corresponds to a dedicated language course program. Whether you want to prepare for an English exam (Cambridge, TOEFL, ...), develop your Business English proficiency, acquire specialized vocabulary in a particular professional field, or simply improve your general language level, you will find in our range of courses the one that will allow you to achieve your goal with the best chances of success.

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