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AILS - Cours de langues

Learning a Foreign Language Abroad

The Role of Language Immersion in Language Learning

In order to achieve true proficiency in a foreign language and go beyond academic learning, a language immersion stay in a country where the target language is spoken has become almost essential. Pedagogy specialists often emphasize that a language immersion is indeed the "royal road" to both achieving rapid results and ensuring long-lasting assimilation of acquired skills through linguistic and cultural immersion.

Which Language to Learn?

In our modern and highly globalized society, English, the language of international communication, is undoubtedly the focus of many students. However, it can be equally interesting and rewarding, particularly in terms of professional opportunities, to master other less common languages such as German, Spanish, or Japanese. Let's not forget that, although spoken by 1.5 billion people worldwide, English ranks only third in terms of native speakers with 380 million English speakers, far behind Spanish with over 400 million native speakers.

In light of these numbers, it becomes clear that acquiring proficiency in a second or even a third foreign language can provide real added value to your skill set.

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