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Qualité AILS - Séjours linguistiques
Qualité AILS - Séjours linguistiques

Quality AILS

School Selection

We choose world-renowned schools that themselves adhere to high standards of international education. Our schools are all accredited by official organizations such as ACCET, ARELS, British Council, ELICOS, etc., ensuring you receive a quality education while considering your personal aspirations. Their friendly environment offers easy integration into a different culture, and their state-of-the-art teaching equipment helps you achieve your own goals. Our partner schools offer a comprehensive range of effective courses that enable rapid language learning at all levels.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to ensuring the quality of our partner schools and their study programs. To achieve this, we maintain close contact with the schools by regularly visiting them and taking into account the feedback provided by each student through the questionnaire sent upon their return. Each review is essential to us and allows us to improve and anticipate the evolving expectations of students over time.

A Solid Academic Foundation from the Start

An evaluation test of your language level takes place on the first day to ensure the best possible effectiveness of your language learning. The teaching materials are carefully chosen based on the type of course, your age, and your language level.

Qualified and Experienced Teaching Staff

Our experienced teachers always teach in their native language. They use proven methods that lead to rapid progress and results. In addition to their skills, they create a friendly and warm atmosphere and know how to motivate you through their pedagogy and the varied and interesting lessons they deliver. The quality of teaching also relies on the dedication and personal involvement of the teachers.

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