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AILS Séjours linguistiques - Business
AILS Séjours linguistiques - Business

Business Language Courses:

English + 9 other languages available (German, Italian, etc...)

Courses and internships for students and adults

The Business Language Course program is a specialized curriculum designed for professionals, executives, and business leaders who want to master English or one of our other 9 languages for use in their work environment. It is highly recommended for individuals currently employed, as well as those aiming for promotion or seeking new job opportunities in internationally-oriented companies.

Business courses are organized into three main categories:

  • General business language courses: These courses aim to develop effective professional communication skills in the target language, such as for inter-departmental or inter-company exchanges.
  • Specialized language courses: These courses focus on acquiring specific vocabulary related to a particular profession or industry. With a focus on oral practice, these courses aim to develop fluent expression on topics related to the chosen field, such as Business English, English for Banking, Medical English, and many others.
  • Preparation for BEC or other official professional language tests.

Once you have determined the type of course you need, you can choose the pace of your learning by selecting a standard group course, an intensive training in small groups or individual lessons, or a hybrid formula combining group and private lessons. Our programs are highly customizable to easily adapt to the company's requirements in terms of deadlines and desired outcomes.

Feel free to contact our advisors by phone or in person at our agency to obtain additional information and benefit from their expert advice.

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