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AILS Séjours linguistiques - Cours combinés
AILS Séjours linguistiques - Cours combinés

Combined Courses: Language and Sports

If you're interested in going on a language study trip but don't want to interrupt your favorite sport for several weeks or even months, you can absolutely continue practicing and, why not, take the opportunity to discover and learn a new sport with our combined language and sports programs. Language Classes + Sports.

From introductory and recreational activities to high-level sports, our language schools offer various combined language and sports courses led by qualified and experienced instructors. For high-level sports, the sports classes are an integral part of your trip, with a suitable number of sessions and instruction provided by professional trainers, most of whom are former elite athletes themselves.

Whether you prefer individual or team sports, you can choose from a diverse range of activities:

  • English classes and basketball,

  • English classes and football,

  • English classes and surfing,

  • English classes and horseback riding,

  • English classes and sailing,

  • English classes and golf,

  • English classes and tennis,

  • ...and more! (Please contact us if you don't find your sport on the list)

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