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Linguistic Trips to Canada

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Embarking on a linguistic trip to Canada means discovering magnificent landscapes, a new culture, and making rapid progress in English.

Wide open spaces, natural splendors

Outdoor activities: skiing, hiking

Proximity to the USA and easy access

Natural Majesty and Warmth of the People

If you are a lover of vast landscapes, Canada is the perfect destination for you. Forests, lakes, plains, mountains, and expansive national parks—nature is everywhere in Canada, colossal, majestic, and respected. When you embark on a linguistic trip to Canada, you will discover a vast and beautiful country, as well as people whose reputation for kindness and warmth has spread worldwide.

Canadians are welcoming, open-minded, and respectful, whether they live in bustling cities or in wilder areas. To choose your destination for a linguistic trip to Canada, first analyze your desires, needs, and expectations.

Diversity of Landscapes and Cultures

Vancouver and British Columbia enjoy a relatively temperate climate in the plains and a colder climate at higher altitudes. Ski enthusiasts particularly appreciate the area of Whistler, which is home to the largest ski resort in North America.

Ontario and Toronto have a contrasting climate, with very high temperatures in summer and very low temperatures in winter. The iconic Niagara Falls is among the must-visit attractions in the region.

Lastly, the province of Alberta, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, is the wildest of them all, with breathtaking national parks, mountain lakes, and astonishing wildlife. The city of Calgary, known for its authenticity and passion for rodeo, is a particularly favored destination for English courses in Canada.

Schools and English Courses in Canada

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On a linguistic trip to Canada


Canada has a population of 36.29 million people.


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Canada is an immense country in northern America, bordered by the USA to the south, Alaska to the northwest, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Arctic to the north. The country offers diverse landscapes, from the majestic St. Lawrence River to the stunning Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, the Great Lakes region, and the boreal forest... The climate varies greatly across regions, with generally very cold winters and impressive average snowfall. However, the coast of British Columbia offers an exceptional temperate climate, with relatively mild but rainy winters.

History & Culture

Visited by the Vikings and Normans since the first millennium, the first colonies in Canada were established around the 15th century by the French. Quebec was the first region to begin welcoming permanent residents during this period. Initially, peaceful Europeanization occurred through excellent diplomatic and trade relations between Quebec and the Indigenous peoples. However, relations deteriorated due to diseases brought by the settlers, which unfortunately had devastating effects on the Aboriginal population. Subsequently, the Franco-English war expanded overseas, and New France disappeared in favor of the British Empire in the 18th century. Nevertheless, the country still bears traces of its French period through its two official languages: English and French, which continues to be spoken in Quebec to this day.

Things to Do / Places to See

During your linguistic trip to Canada, be sure not to miss the stunning Niagara Falls between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, or the natural parks nestled between the icy fields of the Rocky Mountains, including the fabulous Moraine Lake. Take advantage of numerous activities available in these vast and mountainous regions, such as climbing, spelunking, camping, canoeing, hot springs, and more. Explore Montreal, with its underground city dominated by Mount Royal, and venture to Toronto, a multicultural and vibrant city offering a multitude of historical, cultural, and natural attractions. Finally, Vancouver is also a highly popular destination in this country, with its majestic hill and numerous bridges offering magnificent views of the city, its bay, and Vancouver Island.

Formalities & Visas

For your linguistic trip to Canada, you will need a valid passport. The immigration officer will determine the maximum duration of your stay upon arrival (usually up to 6 months). No mandatory vaccinations are required for Swiss nationals, although it is recommended to be up to date with common vaccinations such as Hepatitis B, Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Typhoid. Canada is considered a relatively safe country, with relatively low crime rates.

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