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Business English: Preparing for the Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC)

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The BEC, or Business English Certificate, is a series of English for Business certifications offered by Cambridge Assessment English, an organization affiliated with the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. BEC exams are designed to assess the English language skills of individuals working in a professional context or seeking to enhance their English skills for business purposes. These certifications are internationally recognized and valued by employers worldwide.

BEC exams are available at three levels, corresponding to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):

  • BEC Preliminary (BEC P): Intermediate level (B1)
  • BEC Vantage (BEC V): Upper-intermediate level (B2)
  • BEC Higher (BEC H): Advanced level (C1)

Each BEC exam assesses English language skills in a business context and consists of four sections:

  • Reading: This section evaluates the ability to understand and interpret business-related texts such as reports, letters, and articles.
  • Listening: This section evaluates the ability to comprehend English audio recordings related to professional situations, such as meetings, presentations, and phone conversations.
  • Writing: This section evaluates the ability to write professional documents in English, such as letters, reports, and emails.
  • Speaking: This section evaluates the ability to effectively communicate in English within a professional context, including meetings, presentations, and negotiations.

BEC exams are offered multiple times a year at authorized test centers worldwide. Obtaining a BEC certificate can help candidates advance in their careers, enhance their job prospects, and demonstrate their proficiency in business English at a specific level.

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