AILS Séjours linguistiques
AILS Séjours linguistiques - Chez le prof
AILS Séjours linguistiques - Chez le prof

Private Lessons with Homestay at Your Language Teacher's Home

Our "Homestay with the Teacher" private lesson program is the most comprehensive form of language immersion. In this program, your teacher is none other than a member of the family with whom you reside during your language study trip, allowing them to incorporate everyday shared experiences into your lessons. This is undoubtedly the most immersive and effective formula for achieving rapid and high-quality results.

This homestay language study program with a teacher is available year-round and can be tailored to all ages and objectives. The program and the desired outcome are defined jointly by the school, the student, and the teacher. It can also include sports and cultural activities, exam preparation classes, or specialized vocabulary lessons.

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