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As the cradle of Mayan culture, Guatemala, a small country in Central America, is historically one of the richest countries in the world. In many regions, indigenous traditions are still very much present, with handicrafts, festivals, and colorful costumes being integral parts of everyday Guatemalan life. Guatemala stands out from other countries in the continent with its vibrant colors; each village has its own unique combination of colors, although purple is the dominant color. During your language stay, explore the markets and the clothing of the locals, which are also bursting with vivid and vibrant colors. While browsing the stalls of the merchants, you'll have plenty of opportunities to see for yourself: fabrics, wool, blankets, jewelry, pottery, and handicrafts are offered at very attractive prices. Beyond the historic cities and villages, in the northwest of Guatemala, you'll find an area of extremely dense and wild tropical forest, practically inaccessible. This area, called El Pelén, is almost uninhabited.

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