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Italy is one of the favorite destinations for tourists who come every year to experience the Mediterranean charm of its people and cities. With its pleasant climate, beautiful beaches, and cities with a rich cultural heritage, Italy offers a fantastic language stay opportunity for students and adults alike.

Pleasant climate

Renowned cuisine

History and ancient ruins

A Way of Life

Ranked among the most romantic destinations in the world, Italy and its charming people contribute to creating a passionate atmosphere. The country is also renowned for its flavorful and generous cuisine. A trip to Italy will therefore be an opportunity to taste local specialties during your language stay, such as antipasti, pizzas, and pasta with incomparable flavors. And let's not forget the national sport: football, which gathers thousands of fans in bars on match nights!

A Flourishing Culture

According to UNESCO, Italy holds half of the world's historical and cultural heritage and is even perceived as an open-air art gallery! Each of its cities is a tribute to the great epochs of human history and is home to numerous museums and archaeological sites. However, Italy is not only the homeland of great artists but also of scientists and philosophers who have contributed to our current understanding of the world. Musicians, painters, researchers, scholars... Italy is of infinite richness where everyone will find activities according to their tastes.

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60,6 million inhabitants






Italy is located in Southern Europe. Its territory is predominantly continental in the north, mostly peninsula-shaped in the central part of the Mediterranean Sea, and includes several islands, including Sicily and Sardinia. It shares borders with France and Switzerland to the northwest and Austria to the northeast. Italy is home to active volcanoes, a rarity in Europe, namely Mount Etna, the infamous Mount Vesuvius, and Stromboli, as well as mountain ranges such as the Alps and the Apennines. It is also traversed by rivers and streams, including the Po, Tanaro, and Tiber. Furthermore, Italy enjoys a Mediterranean climate in the peninsula and islands, characterized by hot and dry summers, while the north experiences a humid subtropical climate with fairly cold winters and hot and humid summers.

History & Culture

The history of Italy has greatly influenced the current Western civilization. It is the birthplace of Ancient Greece and, therefore, democracy, the mighty Roman Empire, the Holy See, Humanism, and the Renaissance with renowned figures like Michelangelo and Galileo. Italy has been a unified country for a relatively short time (since March 17, 1861, less than 200 years ago), and this can be felt in conversations with Italians, particularly between people from the North, South, and Venice. Nowadays, its economy is primarily based on the export of luxury goods (clothing, jewelry, and perfumes) and agricultural products (olive oil, fruits, vinegars, etc.), tourism thanks to its pleasant climate, environment, and renowned culture and cuisine, and industrial production.

Things to Do / Places to See

Explore the numerous natural sites in Italy during your language trip: from volcanoes like the formidable Mount Vesuvius to the stunning beaches of Sardinia, and from the mountains of the Alps to majestic rivers like the Tiber. From north to south, discover diverse mentalities, cultures, and cuisines. In the urban north, you can visit cities like Turin, Milan, and the beautiful Venice. In the central region, experience the rich cultural heritage of Rome, with its countless monuments such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon. Finally, the South will offer you fabulous wild and natural landscapes, including the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park and the archaeological park of Pranu Muttedu. Make the most of your language trip to also explore the famous Italian cuisine: Bolognese and Carbonara pasta, pizzas, exquisite cheeses, and wines.

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