AILS Séjours linguistiques
Pourquoi choisir AILS - Séjours linguistiques
Pourquoi choisir AILS - Séjours linguistiques

Why Choose AILS?

Here are the main reasons:

Wide Range of Destinations for All Tastes

At AILS, we assist you in choosing your ideal destination, whether it's a big city, a medium-sized town, a university city, in Europe, across the Atlantic, or even on the other side of the world. Whether you prefer the sea, the mountains, summer or winter, the southern or northern hemisphere, we are here to help you find the perfect destination.

Recognized Quality Schools

Our partner schools, with whom we have been collaborating for years, are all accredited by the official bodies in their respective countries. We regularly and personally visit them to ensure their excellence.

Professional and Objective Advice

Our team has extensive experience in organizing language trips. As travel enthusiasts, our advisors continuously explore new destinations to offer you the best options. The AILS team will inform you about the differences between schools, various course options, city features, as well as the standard of living and climate of your chosen country.

Fair Prices and Best Price Guarantee

We offer our different schools for students and adults at the original price. So, you pay the same rate as if you were registering directly with the chosen school, but with added service. To always provide the most competitive prices, we guarantee the lowest prices and commit to refunding the difference if you find the exact same program at a lower price from another agency (according to Article 14 of the general terms and conditions).

No Application Fees

We handle the school enrollment, flight reservations (if desired), organization of transfers and accommodation, as well as any other additional services (assistance in obtaining a visa) without any application fees (*valid for Switzerland).

Payment in Foreign Currency

As exchange rates fluctuate regularly, we offer you the option to pay for your stay in foreign currency, allowing you to choose the most favorable time before departure.

Customized Offers

We are happy to provide personalized offers to give you a precise estimate of the budget required for your trip.

User-Friendly Website

Our website features a unique online quotation system that allows you to create your quote and register online in just a few clicks. Additionally, our website is regularly updated with new destinations and special offers.

Free Language Level Evaluation

It can be challenging to accurately assess your language level and choose the appropriate duration of stay. Upon request, we can send you language tests to help you better determine your level. Our website also offers an online English test.

Years of Experience

With over twenty-four years of experience and two agencies in Switzerland, AILS has continued to grow. Our qualified advisors will be delighted to recommend schools that best meet your expectations.

Loyal Clientele

The majority of our new clients are recommended to us by former students. Some even come back year after year. Having often started with a vacation trip, it is not uncommon to find them a few years later, ready for a longer stay or a professional internship.

Schools with Wi-Fi Access

Most schools offer students free internet access. However, as the number of computers is limited, an increasing number of schools also provide Wi-Fi connections.

Stays vary depending on the destination
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