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PET: Preliminary English Test

The PET, also known as the Preliminary English Test, is designed to assess English language skills at an intermediate level (B1) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The exam aims to test candidates' English proficiency in various everyday, academic, and professional situations.

The PET exam consists of three components:

Reading and Writing: This component evaluates reading comprehension and the ability to write different types of texts in English. It includes exercises on text comprehension, paraphrasing, text completion, as well as tasks on written expression.

Listening: This component assesses the ability to understand audio recordings in English on various topics, such as conversations, interviews, and announcements.

Speaking: This component evaluates the ability to communicate effectively in English during discussions and other oral communication activities.

Candidates are evaluated based on their performance in each component and receive an overall score. Obtaining the PET certificate demonstrates intermediate-level English proficiency, which can be beneficial for studies, career opportunities, and travel abroad. PET exams are offered multiple times a year at authorized test centers worldwide.

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