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Linguistic Trip to Toronto: Learn English in Canada

Our Language Courses in Toronto: Total Immersion in English

Highly cosmopolitan, Toronto is home to a diverse ethnic community with people from all over the world. Greeks, Portuguese, Pakistanis, Vietnamese, Jamaicans, and many others coexist in this city. After Montreal, Toronto has been the second economic metropolis in Canada for two centuries. Although its population surpassed that of its big sister only in 1981, this city is a major center of tertiary activities with modern and splendid architecture. With its peaceful and welcoming atmosphere, Toronto is widely regarded as one of the "most pleasant cities in the world." What better place for a successful linguistic trip?

On a Linguistic Trip to Toronto


2.792 million inhabitants


Metropolis, Great Lake

Flight Time

11 hours from Geneva


Toronto, the largest metropolis in Canada, is located in Ontario, which serves as its capital and is situated on the shores of Lake Ontario. It is positioned in southern Canada and is traversed by the Humber and Don rivers. The lake's former tributaries have formed densely wooded ravines, providing an ideal setting for leisurely walks amidst English classes. Toronto experiences a humid continental climate, which is relatively mild compared to the rest of Canada. It has hot and occasionally humid summers, cold winters, and distinct seasons throughout the year.

History & Culture

Originally established as an ancient French fortress known as Fort Rouillé in 1750, the city was later renamed Toronto in 1834. The name originates from a Mohawk word in reference to "the place where trees stand in the water." Throughout its rich history, Toronto has served as the capital of Canada on two occasions. Today, it stands as a prominent center of Canadian information, housing seven television and radio broadcasting stations, including Radio-Canada and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The city has also gained a remarkable cultural reputation, and its strategic location has established it as a vital transportation hub for both land and air travel within Canada. Toronto showcases a modern architectural landscape adorned with numerous skyscrapers, most notably the renowned CN Tower, the third tallest tower in the world.

Things to Do / Places to See

While attending your English classes in Toronto, make sure to take advantage of the following attractions. Don't miss the world-famous Niagara Falls, which hosts the Shaw Festival, or enjoy a scenic boat cruise on Lake Ontario to the picturesque Toronto Islands. Immerse yourself in the diverse neighborhoods of this multicultural city, such as Little Italy, Greektown, Chinatown, and Cabbagetown. Make sure to visit the Royal Ontario Museum, the largest natural history museum in Canada. Downtown Toronto offers a vibrant nightlife scene with numerous nightclubs, bars, and a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. If you have the opportunity, attending a hockey game of the Maple Leafs at the Air Canada Centre is an unforgettable experience that should not be missed!

Practical Information about the City

The city of Toronto has an extensive transportation network, including subways, streetcars, buses, and suburban trains. The cost of living in Toronto is lower compared to Paris, with an average meal for two in a mid-range restaurant costing around €41, as opposed to €52 in Paris. Toronto offers a wide range of shops and shopping centers, particularly in Kensington Market, one of the city's oldest and most renowned neighborhoods. Moreover, you'll find shops from around the world scattered throughout the numerous ethnic neighborhoods in the city.

Toronto Tourism Office:

207 Queen’s Quay West, Suite 405, Toronto, ON M5J 1A7.
Phone: +1 416 203 2600

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