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Paysages Freiburg - AILS Séjours linguistiques

Language Immersion Program in Freiburg: Learn German in Germany

Our Language Courses in Freiburg: Total Immersion in German

The university city of Freiburg is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in Germany. Freiburg is small enough to feel "at home" from the very first day, yet large enough to be an international, interesting, and lively city. With a population of approximately 200,000, Freiburg has a history of nearly 900 years, which is still evident in its beautiful old town. Its location at the foothills of the Black Forest makes it an ideal starting point for numerous excursions. Freiburg is indeed the warmest and sunniest city in Germany, allowing you to fully enjoy your language immersion program!

On a Language Trip to Freiburg


35 000 habitants


Old town, mountains, Rhine rift

Flight Time

1 hour 15 minutes from Geneva


Freiburg is located in southwestern Germany, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The urban area covers 153.06 km², with an east-west orientation, nestled between the Black Forest mountain range and the Rhine Rift. The outskirts of the German city are only 3 km away from the French border. The closest cities are Colmar, 37 km to the west, Basel, 51 km to the south, and Strasbourg, 66 km to the north. Freiburg experiences a semi-continental climate, with significant seasonal temperature variations, yet milder and sunnier conditions compared to the rest of the country.

History & Culture

The foundation of Freiburg by Berthold II dates back to 1091. The city quickly benefited from its strategic location at the crossroads of major trade routes between the Rhine and the Mediterranean. The era of the counts continued with the construction of the university in 1457 and the completion of the cathedral in 1513. The city then experienced the hardships of the war against France, temporarily falling under its rule in 1799. During the two world wars of the 20th century, bombings destroyed a large part of the old town. Today, culture thrives in Freiburg with numerous international festivals dedicated to dance, photography, and techno music.

Things to See and Do

Each year, the German city attracts over three million visitors who are drawn to the cultural, architectural, and environmental attractions of the region. During your language stay in Freiburg, breathe in the fresh mountain air of the Black Forest as you explore Schauinsland (1,284 m), Belchen (1,414 m), and Feldberg (1,493 m). Discover unique panoramas in a lush green setting before stepping into the iconic cathedral. From the Historic Merchant's House to the Carnival Parade and the splendid Christmas Market, enjoy the city's festivities throughout the year!

Practical Information about the City

During your language trip to Freiburg, you will discover a city with low automobile traffic, as the city center is even car-free. Embracing eco-friendliness, Freiburg encourages sustainable modes of transportation such as cycling. The city has a central train station offering connections to Switzerland, France, and the rest of Germany. Located on the other side of the Rhine, Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport serves regional air traffic. Within the city, there are bus networks and tram lines that cover the area. Additionally, the Vauban eco-district is ideal for shopping, although the cost of living is relatively high.

Freiburg Tourism Office:
Rathausplatz 2-4
79098 Freiburg
Tel. +49 761 3881-880

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