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Paysages Oxford - AILS Séjours linguistiques

Language Stay in Oxford: Learn English in England

Our Language Courses in Oxford: Total Immersion in English

Learning English in Oxford means joining a beautiful city rich in history.

A Student Atmosphere

Internationally renowned for its university, Oxford attracts a large number of English and international students every year. It is the ideal place to embark on a language stay and increase your chances of learning English.

On a Language Trip to Oxford


153 900 inhabitants


Small town, Rivers, Canals

Flight time

1 hour 10 minutes from Geneva


The city of Oxford is located in Oxfordshire County, 80 kilometers northwest of London. It is crossed by two rivers, the Thames and the Cherwell, which meet south of Oxford. The city with its dreamy spires enjoys a temperate maritime climate, heavily influenced by air masses from the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, Oxford is only 130 kilometers east of Bristol and the Severn Estuary. Precipitation is abundant throughout the year. The average temperatures range from 4°C in winter to 17°C in summer.

History & Culture

The Saxons occupied the region in the early 5th century. The name Oxford is said to be derived from the crossing of the Thames by oxen. In the 10th century, the city was located on the border of two kingdoms: Mercia and Wessex. In the 12th century, Oxford received a charter from Henry II, granting it the same rights and privileges as the capital of the kingdom. From the 13th century onwards, the university began to develop with the emergence of colleges. The presence of Franciscans fostered the city's Catholic tradition. In the 20th century, the automotive industry and publishing shaped its economic growth.

Things to do / Places to see

Around the city of Oxford, several remarkable sites stand out. These include Blenheim Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its magnificent landscaped gardens, the medieval castles of Broughton, Kingston Bagpuize, and Ashdown, as well as the Cotswolds Wildlife Park and Gardens nature reserve. You can't miss the university and its 39 colleges, known for their architectural beauty, which has been featured in numerous films and series. Make sure to visit Oxford Castle, the Ashmolean Museum (the oldest museum in the world), the Sheldonian Theatre, and Christ Church Cathedral. The city of Oxford is also home to several festivals that bring vibrancy to its life, such as the Oxford Festival Jazz, Oxford Literary Festival, and Oxford Film Festival.

Practical Information about the City

To reach Oxford from the continent, you can travel via London's Heathrow Airport and then take a shuttle to the city center. Oxford is also served by rail transport from Paddington Station and bus lines from Victoria Station. Once in Oxford, you can get around by bus or bicycle. The cost of living is generally high. When it comes to shopping, you can find shops and stores in the city center and on Cowley Road.

Oxford Tourism Office:

Oxford Visitor Information Centre
15-16 Broad Street - Oxford - OX1 3AS
Tel: +44 (0)1865 252 200

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