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Paysages Torbay - AILS Séjours linguistiques

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The Torbay Bay, stretching over 30 kilometers, offers visitors a magnificent panorama of sandy beaches interspersed with cliffs. This bay, located in the south of England, consists of three towns: Torquay in the north, Paignton in the center, and the fishing village of Brixham in the south of the bay. Its mild climate and Mediterranean ambiance with palm trees have earned it the name "English Riviera." Torbay is known for its hospitality and offers a wide variety of leisure activities to tourists. The famous novelist Agatha Christie was born in Torbay, lived there, and wrote her novels.

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65 245 inhabitants


Seaside, Valleys

Flight time

1 hour 30 minutes from Geneva


The town of Torbay is an administrative area that includes the villages of Torquay, Paignton, and Brixham, located in the southwest of England, 2 hours southwest of Bristol and 45 minutes west of Exeter. Torbay is situated along a bay, near the county of Devon, on the Lyme Bay. The town boasts renowned beaches such as Oddicombe and Babacombe. The oceanic climate is influenced by the mildness brought by the Gulf Stream current. The resort town even features exotic plants like camellias, fig trees, aloes, magnolias, and a few palm trees.

History & Culture

The emergence of Torbay took place in 1162 with the foundation of Torre Abbey, a structure that lasted until 1539 when Henry VIII confiscated the church's assets following the establishment of the Anglican Church. Thanks to its geographic position on the English Channel, Torbay has developed around its port. In 1688, William of Orange landed in the bay, marking the first episode of the Glorious Revolution. The town's climate and clean air attracted many English people, turning Torbay into a popular holiday destination and renowned seaside resort, as well as an important hub for students eager to learn English.

Things to Do / See

The seaside resort of Torbay is sought after for its beaches, such as Oddicombe Beach and Beacon Cove, a stretch of sand nestled at the foot of a cliff. Kents Cavern is an impressive cave dating back to the Paleolithic era and used until the Roman period. The Victorian architecture of the 19th century is prevalent, with its grand villas now transformed into luxury hotels. The author Agatha Christie, who hails from the town, drew inspiration from the local settings for her novels, including the port of Dartmouth, Burgh Island, and Paington. The Princess Theatre hosts the main cultural activities, including music and theatrical performances.

The City in Practice

To reach Torbay by plane, one must pass through Exeter Airport, which is a 45-minute drive away. Torbay is well-connected to the English railway network with two train stations. Visitors can use the local public transportation network, including bus routes. The cost of living is relatively high in this tourist area. For shopping, the marina quays and Flee Walk Torquay are among the most interesting areas.

Torbay Tourism Office:
5, Vaughan Parade
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 8444 742 233

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